Nutter bloodied

by pkerkstra on June 21, 2011

Nutter was bloodied badly in this latest round with Council. The guy has actually accomplished some things, but he’s so bad at the political end of the job that it’s sharply limiting his mayoralty. My take is in the Inquirer. Excerpt:

It’s getting harder and harder to find signs of the mayor that Michael Nutter wanted to be.

The man who won office as the city’s greatest tax-cutting champion is now the guy who is disappointed when City Council raises property taxes only 3.8 percent, instead of doubling the price of soda as he’d asked.

The mayor who made education the central theme of his inaugural address was forced to resort to a nine-page temper tantrum – CC’d to the world – to remind his own school board appointees that hello, he is the mayor and he does matter.

The politician who rallied the city around his cry of throwing the bums out of City Hall couldn’t even pass legislation killing DROP, the politically toxic retirement perk that cost Frank Rizzo his Council job.

Apart from the sting of defeat, the problem for Nutter with these ugly – and frequent – political humiliations is that they overshadow his administration’s actual accomplishments.

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